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New Delivery of Lumber

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Hooray! New lumber!


It was time for another trip to Ohio, which means snow and new lumber! On the day we we're originally going lumber shopping it snowed about 8 inches. We decided not to go that day since the lumber yard is in the middle of Amish country where the roads might not be in great condition.


Yoder Lumber in Millersburg, Ohio is full of almost any type of rough lumber you could imagine. As you can imagine, it takes all day to settle what were buying.

This is only half of the warehouse.

This is only half of the warehouse.

We spent so much time admiring all the different woods that we had to come back the next day to load the truck. We ended up getting:

  • Gum – a clear white wood great for building just about anything
  • Brown Ash – strong and heavy, great for table legs
  • Wormy Soft Maple – a blonde wood with dark stripes
  • Walnut – a grey-brown wood with an almost purpleish hue
  • Sapele (similar to Mahogany) – a deep, rich brown color
  • A few strips of Cherry, destined to make a few nice iPad stands